What is FYI Geocaching?

FYI Geocaching is the brainchild of the cacher originally known as Airtomoreira (name now changed to FYI_Geocaching), who had the idea to utilise the many different kinds of Interpretation Boards that cover the length and breadth of our land, telling fascinating facts about the people / nature / history of the local area. So often, these Boards go unnoticed, the "mission statement" of FYI is to bring them to the attention of geocachers - and of course to reward you with a smiley face as well!! Would you like to add to the FYI series, by placing an FYI Geocache of your own? If so, please get in touch via the Contact page. Please however, do bear the following in mind... The concept of FYI is not fully served by the placing of a Traditional cache. By doing so, there is no incentive on the part of the cacher to actually read the Interpretation Board. I'm sure many of us have come across the ubiquitous magnetic nano in such a location before (usually affixed to the underside of the board). Our sole incentive at the time has been to add a smiley face, so we carry out the required admin, we then replace the cache, and move on - without taking in the revealing facts and figures that are staring us in the face. By making an FYI cache a Multi or Puzzle, and asking questions that can only be answered with some research of the Board, the whole experience becomes more worthwhile