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General guidelines:
Your cache can take any format, traditional / multi / mystery etc, however I’d encourage you not to simply place a traditional at or near the Interpretation Board itself. By doing so, there wouldn’t be the requirement to actually stop and read the information on the board – which makes the whole experience more “interesting”. Why not place a cache which requires the answering of some questions based on the facts and figures on display, to reveal the final location? Even better, maybe the final location could be near to somewhere that is described on the Interpretation Board? (I appreciate that this won’t always be possible or practical, so don’t get too hung up on it, but where possible – yes, please, try to incorporate this feature).
Due to the temporary nature of information on the likes of Parish Notice Boards (not to mention that many of the activities mentioned thereon will be either commercial or designed in some way to raise money, thus flying directly into the face of the Groundspeak “No Agendas” policy), this type of Board would not be suitable to base a cache on as an addition to the series. Please only consider Boards on which the information is designed to be permanent (at least for the foreseeable future).

Please place the following text at the beginning of your cache description:


We are often told (correctly, if somewhat ideologically), that geocaches should take us to somewhere "interesting", and not simply be placed just for the sake of it. The aim of this series is to try and adhere to this ideal by basing caches around details given on an Interpretation Board about the area in which it is situated. By definition, it is hoped that this information will be "interesting", and will help the cacher discover things about the area that would often not be revealed by a traditional cache.

….and this text at the end of your cache description:

I hope that you find this an interesting variation on the caching experience. For a full list of all FYI caches in the series, please go to
For more details of the FYI series as a whole, you can visit the dedicated website at where you will also find details of how to place your own FYI cache (I'm sure you know of some interesting Interpretation Boards in your area!). You can also contact the Series Owner, John Williams, directly at


Please give your cache a title using the following standard format, so as to conform with all the other caches on the Bookmark list:

FYI xxx - Cache Title (where xxx is the series number to be supplied by yours truly!) Please make sure there's a space (just the one),
either side of the hyphen, as well as a single space between FYI and xxx. A bit pedantic, yes, but it's so that your cache will appear in a logical order on the Bookmark List

If your cache isn't likely to be published within two weeks of me supplying a series number to you, please give me an update on progress, and finally.....

when your cache is published, please let me know so it can be added to the Bookmark List